10 best animated movies for children

10 best animated films for children

Animation is one of the favorite movie genres for children and entire families. With their beautiful visuals and rich stories, animated films entertain and teach important lessons to viewers of all ages . In recent years, animation for children has evolved, offering not only entertainment, but also thought-provoking and emotionally developing. In this article we present 10 animated movies that are definitely worth watching with your family.

Toy Story 1995 – John Lasseter

Toy Story

“Toy Story” is the first feature-length animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It tells the story of toys that live their own lives every day when their owners are not looking. The main character is a boy named Andy, whose favorite toy is a doll named Woody, who is the leader of the rest of the toys. When a new toy, an interactive Buzz Lightyear robot, arrives at Andy’s house, Woody becomes jealous and a rivalry begins between them, which ends in cooperation when both toys are abandoned by Andy and have to find their way back home. The movie is full of adventure, humor and messages about friendship and responsibility.

Kung Fu Panda 2008 – Mark Osborne, John Stevenson

“Kung Fu Panda” is an animated movie produced by DreamWorks Animation. It tells the story of Po, an obese panda who dreams of becoming a great Kung Fu warrior. When he is accidentally chosen to fight a powerful opponent, Po learns Kung Fu from five of the best fighters in the country, who teach him how to use his weight and strength to fight. The movie is full of funny situations and lessons about finding your true strength and passion. It is also full of beautiful animations and well-selected music.

Kung Fu Panda

Up 2009 – Pete Docter, Bob Peterson

"Up" movie

“Up” is an animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It tells the story of a 78-year-old retiree named Carl who decides to fulfill his dream and float his house with balloons to visit the untouched wilderness that his late wife dreamed of. During the flight, a young guide named Russell appears and is accidentally taken on an expedition. The movie is full of emotion, humor and messages about dreams, friendship and forgiveness. It is also a beautifully animated story that makes you reflect on the passing of time and the purpose of life.

Finding Nemo 2003 – Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich

“Finding Nemo” is an animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It tells the story of Nemo, a young, lively and brave cod who is captured by a fisherman and ends up in the aquariums of a pet shop. His father, Marlin, sets out on a journey in search of his son, meeting various forms of sea creatures along the way. The movie is full of adventure, humor, emotion, as well as messages about family, friendship and courage. It is also a beautifully animated story, with beautiful and realistic ocean scenes and a wonderful soundtrack.

Finding Nemo

Inside Out 2015 – Pete Docter

Inside out

“Inside Out” is an animated movie by Pixar from 2015. The film tells the story of a girl named Riley who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. The movie shows how Riley’s emotions work and how they influence her behavior. The main characters of the movie are personifications of five emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear and surprise.

Zootopia 2016 – Byron Howard, Rich Moore

“Zootopia” is a 2016 animated adventure movie directed by Bryan Howard and Rich Moore. The movie tells the story of Judy Hopps, the first animal policeman in Zootopia, who must join forces with conman Nick Wilde to solve a mysterious disappearance case. During their adventure, Judy and Nick have many adventures and discover various secrets of the city of Zootopia. The movie received critical acclaim and was a commercial success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide.

The Lion King – 1994 – Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers

Lion King 1994

“The Lion King” (1994) is an American animated movie produced by Disney. The story tells the story of a young lion, Simba, who must face his evil uncle Scar, who wants to take over the pride. Simba must find his place in the world and face his fears to regain his place as the rightful king. The movie won many awards and is considered one of Disney’s best works.

Beauty and the Beast 1991 – Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale

“Beauty and the Beast” is an animated fantasy fairy tale from 1991 produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The movie tells the story of Belle, who changes places with her father and ends up in a castle bathed in magic, where she is locked by the titular Beast. Belle and the Beast begin to get to know each other and grow closer, but Belle must solve the mystery to free herself and her father from the curse and turn the Beast back into a prince.

Beauty and the Beast

Coco 2017 – Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina


“Coco” is an animated Pixar movie directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina. The movie tells the story of a young boy named Miguel who dreams of being a musician, but his family is against his dreams. Miguel moves to the world of the dead, where he meets his great-grandfather and discovers the secret of his lineage. The film is a tribute to Mexican culture and the celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Frozen – 2013 – Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

“Frozen” is a 2013 American animated movie directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The film tells the story of a girl named Elsa who has the magical power to create ice and snow. Elsa, terrified of her powers, runs away from the kingdom, which leads to a breakdown in the weather and no winter. Her sister Anna pursues her, along with her friends Kristoff and Olaf, to find Elsa and restore the weather to the kingdom.



Modern animated movies offer many benefits to children because they are usually very attractive and entertaining, as well as full of valuable messages and lessons. Watching animated films with your child allows you to spend time together and develop your interests. Animated movies can also help your child develop language skills and understanding of stories. Additionally, many contemporary animated films are adapted for children and discuss important topics such as tolerance, friendship and family. It is worth watching contemporary animated movies with your child to provide him with entertainment and development.

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